Title: Tokyo Sea Life Park/Japan Travel Guide

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Tokyo Sea Life Park is located in Kasai Rinkai Park is one of the most unique aquariums in Japan. It may not be the biggest , but this aquarium prides itself on its ability to reproduce aquatic habitats from not only Tokyo, but the world over. The aquarium is home to a vast range of reproduced habitats of oceans and seas around the world as well as a Californian Kelp forest, a Freshwater habitat and no aquarium would be complete without it a Penguin exhibit. This impressive range is hard to beat, however, perhaps the most thrilling feature of this aquarium is the breathtaking 2,200 to n donut shaped tank home to pelagic species such as Bluefin and Yellowfin Tunag It is the world’s first aquarium to exhibit pelagic fish swimming
in cluster and successfully spawning. Another impressive feature of this aquarium is its focus on education, not only for the children but also for the adults. The education hub houses a supervised touch tide pool for children to not only learn the sea creatures, but also have a feel for themselves. In addition to the touch pool, there are interactive fish encyclopedia touch panel, video games and expert staff who run frequently educational lectures on various topics throughout the day. The aquarium is home to a library, auditorium, cafeteria and gift shop.

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