This is Tenerife.

For a long time we had little interest in visiting Tenerife. As one of the most popular holiday hot spots amongst Europeans, it’s hardly a hidden gem. Around 5 million tourists flock to the largest canary island annually for the warm weather and the impression I’d got from people who’d been was that it was just beaches, Siam Park and big tourist resorts, perfect for sun bathing but not much of an outdoor adventure travel or cultural destination. But recently we found out that there’s also a lot more to Tenerife than most people realise and and so we knew we had to go and discover the secret side of Tenerife as you’ve never seen it before…

We spent five days in Tenerife uncovering the best things to do in Tenerife, from black sand beaches and volcanoes to desert landscapes, palm forests and high mountain passes. Not to mention the local foods you have to try in Tenerife and accommodation tour of a traditional canary island home.

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Hi, we’re Claire and Craig, a couple of travel lovers from the UK. Since we met back in 2014, we’ve shared 2 dreams. After a freak accident left Craig paralyzed from the chest down, we realised life was too short not to pursue our dreams! The first is to travel the world, which after years of planning was due to happen in 2020. Once we realised travel won’t be possible for a while, we decided to pursue our second dream of vanlife! After many months of vanbuild, we recently finished self converting an empty VW transporter T6 van into a tiny home on wheels. We’re just getting into the swing of vanlife as we travel around the country in our campervan.

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