This is a Las Vegas travel guide like you’ve never seen before. We’re sharing the best things to do and experience OFF of the strip, because there’s so much more to Vegas/Nevada than partying!

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Founder/Host: JUBRIL
Co-host: KELLY
Filmmaker/Editor: YOURI
Producer/Travel Planner: TALIYA
Music Composer: ISAIAH

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1 – 1:20 Intro
1:30 Exotics Racing (
2:00 Download The Las Vegas Travel Guide
2:40 Gokarting
3:30 Roadtrip to Death Valley
5:20 The Ranch at Death Valley Hotel (
6:50 Stargazing in Death Valley
6:58 Zabriskie Point
7:45 Vdara Hotel
9:00 Vanderbilt Rent with Turo
9:30 Seven Magic Mountains
9:57 The Cosmopolitan Hotel
10:27 Hotwire
12:20 Eggslut
13:15 Papillon Helicopter Tours / Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours (
14:12 Marche Bacchus
15:16 Hairstylist in Vegas
15:13 The Line Up Barbershop
16:30 Lake Las Vegas Water sports (
17:40 Outro and Shoutouts
18:50 Bloopers

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